Кнопка подельться в вайбере



Woodik bilingual playschool is an English language center for children aged 4 to 12 y.o.

Based on the open possibilities for Ukraine and its population to the world's resources, both in studying, getting jobs, and in the usual life without borders, the knowledge of English has become a magic key to succeed in these activities.

Today, the Ukrainian state educational program provides thorough study of the English language.

However, small, curious Ukrainians, before attending the first grade of the school, get to know a foreign language while traveling with their parents, when they meet foreign peers or when watching interesting children's shows or cartoons.

To help your child easily and in a relaxed manner plunge into the English-speaking world, we have created a special bilingual game school for children, where communication is mainly in a foreign language.

So we offer:

- group lessons for children in mini-groups (4-6 pupils)

- individual lessons

- Science lessons with a native speaker

- preparation for the international testing YLE, KET, PET

- interesting game lessons for preschool children

- English-speaking environment

- professional teachers